24 de outubro de 2011

Deep Web...The dark Side of Internet

Deep Web (also known as Deepnet, Darknet, Undernet or invisible Web) is the name given to sites and virtual communities that are not found by conventional search engines, or are not on the surface of the internet. Simply better, sites that are not found on Google, and can only be found by means of advanced search or advanced encryption system. Using meta tags you can hide a specific site or forum searchers. The majority of sites do not use Deep address common and often do not use the HTML format, which makes it very difficult your search. Amazingly, the Deep Web appears to be greater than the surface web. The American researcher Michael Bergman, a leading authority on the subject, says that the acr Deep Web is about 500 times larger than we have access to the Internet. The question is, which can hide the Deep Web?
It is clear that many of the sites can be hidden only common pages of specific groups who do not want to be bothered by the great mass of ordinary Internet users, but the Deep Web is also the home of Internet criminals. Hackers switching viruses, pedophiles sharing child pornography, drug sales, satanic cults, organ trafficking, terrorist networks ... All acting freely on the Internet, far from the eyes of ordinary users.

How to find Deep Sites:
Before going out to hunt for hidden links that's important to know that Deep Net is not recommended for regular users. The risks of catching a virus, malware or end up seeing things "unpleasant" is incalculable. Most of the Deep Web sites can only be accessed with specific programs and browsers such as Freenet or Thor, that guarantee the anonymity of those who are browsing. Today there are search tools for the exploration of the Deep Net, but it is likely that it will achieve only the first layer of hidden network of sites. But leave some links for those who want to venture into the dark side of the Internet:

Search Tools Deep sites:
www.deeppeep org .* http:// * /
www.incywincy with http:// .* /
www.deepwebtech with http:// .* /
www.scirus with http:// .* / srsapp /
ac.uk www.techxtra .* http:// * / index.html
* aip.completeplanet with http:// .* /
http:// * www.deepwebwiki .* com / wiki / index.php / Main_Page

PS: USE Tor HTTP: / / TORPROJECT.ORG I did with him a ride in the fields encrypted. Onion.

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